Wearing sexy lingerie to work

wearing sexy lingerie to work

Once upon a time I didn’t give a monkeys about what undies I wore, unless I was going out on the town, and then I liked to at least match my knickers and bra under a nice dress.  I’m ashamed to say I had the attitude of “who’s gonna see it anyway?”  The reason I’m ashamed of this attitude is that I was married at the time and looking back I should have made the effort not only for him but also for myself. 
There is no greater feeling than soft silky well fitting underwear against your skin.  I think this all changed after my marriage break up and I started to lose weight, get fitter and generally feel better about myself.  In addition there was the prospect that actually someone new may in fact see it if I got lucky!!  I love to look sexy for my man now but it’s about much, much more than that. 
When my partner sees me getting dressed in the morning I see his eyes light up as I’m slipping on a garter belt and stockings followed by my work clothes.  It’s like it’s our little secret, almost a “wait till we both get home from work” promise.
It’s also about feelings of self worth.  We’ve all heard of people power-dressing for work (Alexis Colby springs to mind).  Wearing powerful-looking underwear gives you an air of confidence.  It makes you stand taller and feel like you can take on all the people around you.  Your posture is different, you stand a little taller – it’s your own little secret!
I often come across women who feel that they simply could not justify spending on quality underwear, yet it’s probably the one thing their partners would approve of, in addition to improving self-esteem and self-worth.  Too many women brush off beautiful lingerie as “it’s not me!”  Well if grey bra’s and knickers is you then what does that say for how you feel about yourself?  We should all love ourselves as fiercely as we would want to be loved by someone else.
Now days I take pride in what I wear not only on the outside but underneath too, in order to bring out the very best of what is on the inside!