Have You Ever Woken Up Having An Orgasm?

wake up orgasm

Well let me assure you, it isn’t just men who have “wet dreams”. I work, I am a wife and I am mum and my life is busy.
Life at times gets in the way of my sexual desires, and with my intimacy with my husband. I may be tired or my mind is on other things and I feel as though I have lost my sex drive. I love my husband deeply, he is my soul mate and means the world to me, but at times there is just no spark in me to get me going. In the past I have worried that there may be something wrong with me, but now I realise it’s just the pressures of everyday life and all I need is to take a step back, relax a little and the spark is back, if I worry, it always takes longer for that spark to return.

I have heard that a woman’s orgasm comes more from her emotional state and is not just a physical need, which is my case is true most of the time because I need to feel relax, calm, content and so on in my life to get my spark. But I have always experienced waking up to the most intense orgasms from my sleep, it’s like although my mind during waking hours is rushed and stressed, during sleeping hours my mind/physical needs go onto auto pilot and release themselves.
I’ve always wondered why my sleep orgasms are so powerful and intense and I believe it’s because during sleep, there is no stress, no inhibitions to hold one’s self back but just to release all my pent up stress and physical needs in one powerful orgasm, I am just so thankful that I awake at the beginning of them.

There was a time when I would wake to one and try to hold it in, feeling I should share the experience with my hubby, but now I realise there are plenty to go around some to appreciate and experience myself and others to share with my hubby.
Does anyone else experience such pleasures, if you do, please comment below, I would love to hear about your experience.