Introducing sex toys to the bedroom

introducing sex toys to the bedroom

Do you want to use sex toys with your partner but worried about how they will react?  Does your partner want to introduce sex toys and you’re embarrassed or uncomfortable? Do you want to try out sex toys on your own but don’t really know where to start?
Here’s your guide to introducing sex toys into your bedroom.
The fact is, like most things in life, sex can also become monotonous and perhaps what once was a 3-times a day, in every room in the house activity, it’s not uncommon for couples to fall into repetitive habits.  You both know what each other likes so you forget to try new things and just stick with what you know.
Equally when you meet a new partner, it’s sometimes a little embarrassing to talk openly about what it is that you like.  Some of us are afraid to correct their partner’s technique for fear of hurting their feelings or damaging their ego.
Many people are under the illusion that sex toys are only for masturbation, or people that can’t get the real thing!  While sex toys are commonly used for solo sex, many couples enjoy using sex toys together.  Couples that use sex toys together are generally comfortable trying new things, open-minded, intimate and trusting. Using a sex toy together is a good way to reaffirm the strength of your relationship, regardless of your gender or sexual orientation.
First and foremost, as the name suggests, sex toys should be fun.  They are able to help you have a better, more intense and longer orgasm.  While this seems like a compelling enough argument to convince your partner, how you approach it with your partner is going to depend on how they feel about sex toys.
Now you could try just bringing one home, plonking it on the table and suggest you both go upstairs and give it a go – this may work in many cases.  However if you are apprehensive of your partner’s reaction it’s best to discuss their feelings towards sex toys before springing something new on them.  You could bring this up casually or you may have to be brave and have the conversation if you want to improve your sex life.  You should be prepared for some of the emotions that may arise such as inadequacy.  But with honest communication some of these underlying problems can be addressed and strengthen your relationship.  In my experience, most men are eager to please and grateful for the help down there.
If your partner has suggested or hinted at the use of sex toys in your relationship, it’s important that you are completely comfortable with this before going ahead.  Try looking for a vibrator that appeals to you, i.e. something small and soft as an introduction (I recommend Svakom’s Echo or Je Joue’s Mimi Soft).  It may be worth experimenting alone first and getting to know what feels good and what you like.  Try using a lube as well to ensure your toy is sliding in all the right places and enhance the feeling.
Some people are concerned that if you use sex toys too much you won’t be able to orgasm without them.  While earth-moving orgasms with a vibrator are amazing they do not replace the intimacy and psychological impact of being with a person.  Nor do dildo’s hug you post intercourse!
The truth is, all kinds of people use sex toys, including those you would least expect.  They simply give you the most natural feeling in the world - an orgasm!
Maybe you want to buy a sex toy but feel too embarrassed?  This is the reason we created this tasteful, anonymous, non-judgemental place for you to buy them! If you are not comfortable going to a sex shop and choosing a vibrator, you and your partner can order together from our sex toys and Vibrator section.  Feel free to email any questions or concerns you have to and we’ll be delighted to assist and make recommendations.