Does your sex life impact your performance at work?

sex life and work life

In one of my first jobs (many moons ago) I had the pleasure of working with a rather sour-faced manager who blew hot and cold leaving the team never knowing how to approach her or what reaction to expect from her.   I recall on one particularly bad day my colleague saying “I wish she’d just get laid and be done with it!” much to my amusement at the time.
This leads me to wonder, does your sex life have an impact on your performance at work?  In a study conducted by Dr. Helen Fisher of, found that out of 40,000 people examined, those who had a good sex life fared better at work.
“In addition to being great exercise and a stress reliever, sex triggers the release of a number of valuable brain chemicals. From improved problem-solving as a result of heightened dopamine levels, to enhanced teamwork skills due to a flood of oxytocin – there are a number of positive benefits which can improve performance in the workplace.”
Oxytocin or the so-called the love hormone is boosted after sex and can lead to a person being more agreeable around the office.   Most people, who enjoy a regular dose of sex, also sleep much better during the night and feel alive and refreshed throughout the day.
Other studies have shown a connection between your intelligence, and your sex life. 
It appears that a good sex life can delay the onset of dementia in the elderly.  Tests conducted by Dutch researchers into elderly people found that a greater interest in sex correlated with greater brain activity and intelligence at the age of 71.  They had better memory, processing speed, higher intelligence and general cognitive functioning.
There also appears to be a connection between sex and intelligence, at a younger age.  A study from Italy backs this up with their findings that people who have sex daily were more likely to increase nerve growth in their brains. Being in love and the early stages of a relationships were found to stimulate the brain too, however the effect does tail off deeper into the relationship.
According to Shelly Wu’s book, more orgasms make women perform better “A woman’s body uses her orgasm to nourish her body and stimulate vital life qi. She is the receiver (yin) of her partner’s (yang) qi.”  Better yet, women increase their emotional intelligence (EQ) when they have more frequent orgasms.  
However findings are different for men, although men obviously use oxytocin too.  There is a convincing case that women are happier and perform better when they have more orgasms, and men benefit from far fewer – but longer – orgasms.
Well according to tests, ejaculation reduces aggression in men, and although aggression isn’t something men seek to cultivate in the workplace, aggression can be transformed into energy and productivity.
Taoists also recommend transforming sexual energy into productivity and health and suggest men should limit themselves to one half hour orgasm per month? *sniggers*
So if you are a man you best start practicing tantric sex and if you are a woman – well, eat your heart out!
The next time you’re feeling down about frustrations at work, try getting the release you need in the bedroom at home. Your co-workers will thank you for it.
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