Sex and the Menopuase

sex and the menopause

So who has the preconception that your sex life is about to dry up once the menopause strikes?  Sorry, we’re not buying it here at Queen Anne’s Lace.  In fact the 50+ generation have never had it so good – the kids have left home and you can make love in every room in the house, women are financially secure and not bound to unhappy relationships, and most importantly experience has taught you what great sex is all about!
However there is no denying that there are changes in store, while some women suffer from hot flushes, hair loss, weight gain and dry skin – not to mention the emotional affects – other women sail through with little or none of these symptoms.
I suppose one of the biggest fears is whether your vagina is going to shrivel up like a prune?  The fact is 17% of women experience vaginal dryness between the ages of 18-50 prior to the menopause.  The dryness you may experience during the menopause is due to the loss of estrogen.  You are not alone.  This happens to almost every woman after the menopause, and for some women sex can even cause pain due to the thinning of the vaginal walls.  There are estrogen therapies available that you can discuss with your GP.  But if nothing else, invest in a good lubricant for a comfortable sex life.  There are plenty available in all kinds of flavours, aromas and best of all many enhance the feelings in your pleasurable areas – go ahead and experiment!  See our range at Queen Anne’s Lace under our Lubes & Lotions shop.
After the menopause the blood flow to the vagina lessens.  The best way to keep it healthy is to have sex and stimulate the blood flow to the vagina.  You may have to work a little harder for your orgasms (note the plural), therefore sex toys may aid regular climax.  We sell some of the highest performing vibrators for clitoral stimulation.
An important factor is the emotional affects during the menopause.  For example some women may lose self-esteem and change the way they view their bodies sexually.  There are ways to improve your confidence and self-esteem such as exercise and healthy living which are the key ingredients to sex drive at any time of life.  Our Lingerie range is both flattering and comfortable, ensuring you look and feel like the Goddess you truly are.
While some women may experience a decrease in sex drive, others find they have an increased desire for sex and intimacy.  Either way foreplay has a key role in addressing both, taking time to enjoy sexual experience to the fullest.  In 2009, Christine Webber conducted a survey among women aged 45 to 65.  The findings showed that in that age group 26% of women were definitely up for sex, while 29% 'quite liked it'.  Only 6% were not at all keen, and 16 per cent said that they'd be more interested if they had a new partner!  Try spicing things up by using something from our Tease and Tie shop.
How has your sex life been affected by the menopause? Feel free to share your experience.