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sex after childbirth

When should you make love after the birth of your baby?  There is no right answer to this - And when I say the words ‘make love’, I don’t mean necessarily intercourse, I mean so much more than that, to make love is to share your body and soul with another, it’s to give and receive pleasure, it’s to find comfort and support from your loving soul mate, to know each other’s boundaries and celebrate the joys and worries of bringing life into the world. And to trust all will be okay…
As in pregnancy, after birth a woman’s hormones will be changing and she will feel more or less sexually active. Having given birth, a woman has gone through so many emotions of excitement, worry, pain, love, vulnerability and more and all these emotions have to be addressed before she can feel comfortable opening up to the pleasures of intimacy again.

All babies are different, so my husband and I learnt to get a sense of humour when our son would cry just as we would lie down together, we soon realised we could share our love at other times of the day when our baby was sound asleep. Skipping dinner for intimacy gave us the best appetite for love; it was exciting in our new life routine.
I can only speak from my experiences and I had different experiences after my first child and after my second child. I had C-Sections with both babies so my discomfort was across my abdomen not down below, so I felt okay to encompass our love making to intercourse fairly soon after both births.

After have my first, I was excited to make love knowing I could really get close to my hubby without worrying about my tummy being in the way, I was 25kg over my pre-pregnancy weight, but I loved my bigger boobs and so did my hubby, giving me the spark I needed to feel desired, even after child birth. To hear my hubby say he liked my soft rounded hips and tummy, gave me the confidence to share my altered body with my receptive partner.

My second child came along and this time we were more prepared for another life to join our family, for the changes to come, so the pressures of change were not so intense. My spark was in over drive and we shared many intimate times together.
I would like to end by saying there is never a right time or a wrong time to share an intimate moment with a loving partner, but it must be mutually right for both of you.

Feel free to tell us about your experiences of intimacy after having a baby, I’m sure it will help many new mums out there.  Also should you like to contribute as a guest to our blog, please email