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Bringing you retro style lingerie and quality sex toys.

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Welcome to Queen Anne’s Lace! I wanted the chance to explain the motivation behind Queen Anne’s Lace.
Having lived in the Middle East for several years where sex toys are illegal, I moved to Asia where as a single gal I was excited to finally treat myself to a vibrator - but with everything coming over from China I was disappointed with the cheap gimmicky selection I was presented with.  I ended up ordering a rampant rabbit all the way from the UK.  I couldn’t understand why all the websites and shops I looked at had a ‘naughty’ connotation.  Why the lingerie was modeled on 19 year old, orange, stick insects with bubble breasts.
I decided the world needed a one-stop shop for the bedroom - beautiful vintage inspired lingerie, high-performing sex toys and sophisticated play accessories.
However, it was important to me that the shop would appeal to and represent everyday women – you know – the many millions that have or want sex.
I went on a mission to find vintage-style lingerie - there is something far classier about the retro fifties pinup girls, these styles not only flatter and shape in all the right places, but also look and feel truly feminine.
The sex toys, vibrators and massagers featured had to actually meet women's needs. It would be a place where women did not feel embarrassment or shame - in fact the opposite - more than just OK but positively essential!  Orgasms are great for both physical and mental well-being, whether you are in a relationship or not.  Men rarely go a whole day without experiencing one – why not us?
The lingerie and products would be affordable, high quality, and tasteful, avoiding any pretentiousness often associated with high quality brands.
All would be available globally and appeal to women of all ages, shapes and means.
For those of you who’ve ever had the misfortune to stumble across a ‘traditional’ sex shop (whether physical or online) you’ve probably found yourself confronted with an array of PVC bodysuits, gimp masks, giant penis dildos and trashy porn that may sometimes be fun to watch but can often be degrading to women. This spells to me a sex industry aimed to please men. Well it takes two to tango (or three if that’s your thing) and it’s high time women took charge of their own sex lives whether they are in a relationship or not.
However the aim is not by any means to alienate gentlemen - most of which are eager to please, keen to better understand women how they can arouse the lady in their life and grateful for the help - The purpose of this shop!
We will be inviting both ladies and gentlemen from all backgrounds to contribute to our blog and review our products. I believe sex needs to be talked about and here is a place to hold that conversation.
Finally, why the name? Queen Anne’s Lace is a flower, meaning delicate femininity, we intend to live up to it.