Would you wear a corset?

how to wear a corset

I recently attended a QAL party whereby from the minute I arrived one of the lovely guests did not stop complaining about her figure.  “I’m too fat to wear any of this, my boobs are too big, look at the size of my thighs, I would never get my fat bum in that, I hate my gut!”  Apart from being a believer that we should not talk (or think) about ourselves in a way we would not talk to others – I was shocked she felt this way about herself.  She must have been seeing something that neither myself nor the other girls in the room were seeing.  I saw a beautiful lady, size 16-18 who has given birth to 2 lovely children and most importantly had this bubbly persona that had everyone engaged from the moment she arrived.
I asked her to try on our Vintage Stitch Corset and after getting her laced in, everything instantly fell into all the right places.  Her ample bosom was hoisted up, her waist looked tiny, forming her hips and giving her the perfect hourglass figure.  The look on her face was priceless – she couldn’t stop admiring her reflection in the mirror and saying “wow”!
Equally I have another friend who is very slim and has an almost boyish figure. 
She also tried on one of our corsets.  At first the corset just fitted right and although it looked nice it didn’t have quite the same effect.  I suggested she tried on a smaller size – again, we laced her in and what a difference!  Her cleavage was overflowing, and having pulled in the waist it gave her the curves she’d never had in all the right places.   As she admired herself she also said that she couldn’t believe how much her posture was improved.  She couldn’t wait to get home and show her husband.  Her plan was to wear it for an upcoming special occasion under a new dress she’d bought.
However, many women also wear corsets as outerwear i.e. with a pair of jeans and a jacket, or to dress up a skirt.  Again, another great way to show off your assets and dress up any outfit.
Dating back to the 16th century the corset has been an important item of clothing, helping women, and men for that matter, change the appearance of their shape.  Originating in Italy as an undergarment it was introduced to France where it got it’s name and was considered indispensable to the female figure.  The emphasis was less on shrinking the waist and more on the flattening of the breasts and in turn pushing them up to peek over the top.
The style and shape of the corset has changed throughout the centuries in the name of fashion, earlier corsets being longer and elongating the waist and later on shortening to cinch at the waist.  Following a concerns of tight corseting being injurious to health, it was most likely the cause of indigestion and constipation, not to mention the pressure on the back and hips in some cases - it’s surprising that it took until the early 1900’s for corsets to begin to fall from favor.  Once early forms of brassieres were introduced, the girdle soon took the place of the corset, which was more concerned with reducing the hips rather than the waist.
In the 1990s, fetish fashion became popular and corsets made something of a recovery, often worn as outer - rather than undergarments. By 2010, the corset had recovered a new popularity in fashion and eBay has seen an 826% rise in the sale of corsets.
On a personal level, I will not subject myself to discomfort in the name of fashion (well except for maybe shoes), thankfully today’s corsets are far more comfortable, and when you feel like a million dollars, it resonates from the inside out!
Have you or would you ever try wearing a corset?