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a model wearning a black vintage style lingerie corset

I’d been reluctant to introduce parties to the business as my experience of attending such parties have always included tacky products, an element of forced fun in sometimes awkward company and an expensive and unwanted purchase.  I really didn’t want my customers to be subjected to this. 

However given that the question is always asked I thought you know what, maybe I should try it my way.  A sophisticated affair – a few bottles of fizz, great company, no games, displayed stock with no obligation to buy, 10% off everything on the night, or take away a 5% off discount in case you want to buy online, confidentially at a later date, but most importantly – tell your friends about us.

Well…  What a night!  After several glasses of fizz were consumed the vibrators were out and being tested on the ends of noses, panties were being tried on over jeans, complex explanations of ‘what goes where’ being made to the less experienced…. So not quite the sophisticated affair I had planned but soooo much fun!!!
Why have a Queen Anne’s Lace Party?
· It’s a great excuse to get your friends round for a bottle of plonk and a giggle;
· There’s no obligation for your guests to buy…. Only to tell their friends if they like us!
· Provides the opportunity to look at and purchase items that you wouldn’t normally find in a shop;
· Get the chance to see the quality and try on items of lingerie;
· Ask questions about the toys in a relaxed, discreet enviroment;
· Hostess receives 10% of the total sales for the evening off an item of their choice, plus a free gift if over £200 is spent on the evening AND at least one party booked;
· Your guests will receive 10% off any items bought on the night and a 5% discount code to take away and use online;
· You and your guests can give feedback on what you’d like us to source and stock going forward i.e. sizing, styles, types of products.

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