Are you a ‘Real’ Woman?

are you a real woman

I keep seeing the term ‘real women’ used everywhere lately to describe curvy girls, as a protest against the media’s portrayal of unrealistic size zero models and the impact on the way this makes ‘real’ women feel.  As a curvy girl myself I like to see clothes that I can wear and look good in.
Equally I have friends who are very slim and have no shape.  They would do anything for big boobs and a Kim K bum, they love the hour-glass figure but unfortunately they are just unable to put on weight.  I know what you’re thinking (how awful for them!) but on a serious note this is their insecurity.  So are they NOT ‘real’ women?
I had a recent comment post on my Facebook page about the term plus size, asking how anyone can describe curvy girls as plus size when in fact they are simply beautiful with a little more to grab hold of.  Whilst I fully agree that a size 14+ is in fact average today and I don’t believe any sizing should be labeled, I get nervous at the idea of normalizing large clothes.  I ultimately believe in health.  I believe you can be eat healthy and get plenty of exercise and still wear ‘plus size’ clothes.  Each and every one of us know the truth of our own health and are responsible for that.  If you pick up a vintage era clothes pattern from 40’s, 50’s, 60’s you will see that the measurements for a size 12 then, were smaller than size 12 measurements today. Interestingly larger male sizing is not sectioned into ‘plus size’.  Nor do we see male plus size models or mannequins.  Why is this?  Are men not bothered?  Are they more secure when they see slim male models with six packs than women are? (I’d love to hear your comments on this point).
Isn’t there a difference between having a good body and having sex appeal?  Sex appeal is that twinkle in your eye, intelligence, confidence and character.  It cannot be measured by a dress size.
I have more issue with the media and certain celebrities and brands portraying women in skimpy underwear with that ‘porn star’ look.  The one that supposedly represents how we are meant to be in the bedroom. I want to see powerful looking women that know what they want and take control.  I want young boys to have a realistic expectation of how women look naked (who’s anus has not been bleached, who possibly has pubes and cellulite) and then be prepared to ensure her pleasure.  I want young girls to understand their own body and be brave and informed enough to choose what is acceptable to them, explore themselves and not feel pressured to do anything that is uncomfortable for them.
Ultimately we are ALL real women and real people.  Focus on your health and wear what makes YOU feel sexy and confident, forget the labels.
What do you think to the labeling of dress sizes and body shapes?