Are You Comfortable Naked?

are you comfortable naked

OK so I’ve always been a naked person, much to the embarrassment of my family growing up and probably my neighbours now due to my laziness at drawing the curtains!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a naturist or anything. But what is nice is that I live with someone that I am comfortable enough with, to wander around in the nod - it doesn’t seem to bother him either – well, he’s still here!
I am often amazed by women that tell me they have to dive in and out of the duvet, scrambling around for clothes so their fella doesn’t see their wobbly bits.  I have always been under the impression (or is it illusion?) that men love our wobbly bits!
Some people may think naked people have body confidence, I’m not so sure, I’m as conscious of my cellulite as the next person – in fact the idea of getting naked in front of other women in a changing room would fill me with dread.  It’s the scrutinisation and judgment women subject upon themselves and therefore each other.  I remember my mum saying that when women get dolled up to go to a party or on a night out, it’s usually the other women they want to impress, not the men (sorry to break it to you guys).  Only women would remember if you wore that dress the last time they saw you, or if you have a VPL – a man generally wouldn’t.
So why do we do this to each other?  My belief it’s those that have body image issues that tend to judge others as it briefly makes them feel better about themselves.  I admire those women that can walk into a changing room and continue chatting while they strip off without any inhibitions no matter what their body looks like – they are the non-judgers, the accepters - that like people for what they are.
I’ve had friends tell me some of the comments or remarks their boyfriends have made to them about their bodies – sometimes just in jest but others hurtfully - which has had a detrimental effect on how they feel about being naked now.  And this in turn can really affect their sex life even with future partners. Have you experienced something similar?  If so, have you got any advice for other women on how to get past some of these insecurities?  We’d like to hear your stories, particularly if it could help someone else.